Some administrators in District of Columbia Schools are spending their grant money on arts programs. It's helping boys of color discover new career paths and develop life skills.

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As national and local community leaders, we are considering how we both protect and build on the progress we have made to expand opportunity for our communities over the past eight years, and enlist all corners of our community to tackle the persistent challenges we still face.

Manifest Your Destiny launches a year-long focus on at-risk Black boys. The mentoring program is marking the 10th anniversary of founder Hill Harper's bestseller, Letters to a Young Brother.


The “what’s wrong with Black males” chorus has been one long sung by the national media. Lengthy, well-reported articles in the Washington Post, The New…

    It is really a crazy world. In today’s edition of what we’re talking about … we are asking the question: What is the world coming to? There’s too much madness. Check out today’s headlines and find out why we are so confused: Student Suspended for One Year for Hugging His Teacher How Knew […]