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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have tried to dodge several questions during his Senate hearing over Christine Blasey Ford‘s sexual abuse testimony, but he couldn’t escape the dozens of protesters who gathered in Washington, D.C., on Thursday ahead of a planned confirmation vote.

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The number of women who were demonstrating against Kavanaugh went to show that many of them were seeing themselves in Ford’s shoes. They were mothers and daughters as well as sexual assault survivors and supporters. They carried signs in support of Ford, the college professor whose story has struck a chord with millions in the nation. They sent messages about believing survivors and stopping Kavanaugh.

Ford, like Anita Hill, had supporters’ attention as she readied herself for tough questions from both Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor chosen by Republicans, and senators. Many people had watched Hill’s 1991 sexual harassment testimony about Clarence Thomas who was later confirmed to the Supreme Court. Americans have drawn comparisons between the two women and their hearings but also recognized the differences in their stories.

Though America was watching Kavanaugh’s supporters who also made their way to the hearing, activists for Ford were standing strong. Here are photos from their protest.

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1. Protesters Demonstrate Against Kavanaugh

Protesters Demonstrate Against Kavanaugh

A woman became emotional while listening to stories of sexual violence at the protest.

2. Protesters Support Ford

Protesters Support Ford

Demonstrators gathered outside the Supreme Court.

3. Believe Women

Believe Women

Demonstrators put tape over their mouths in a powerful moment.

4. Protesters Stand Up

Protesters Stand Up

Protesters wrote messages on their hands.

5. Protesters Show Their Power

Protesters Show Their Power

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren took a photo with demonstrators.

6. Protesters Show Their Strength

Protesters Show Their Strength

Demonstraters raised their hands in support of Ford.

7. Strength In Numbers

Strength In Numbers

Protestors gathered in the Hart Senate Office Building during the hearing.

8. Protesters Unite

Protesters Unite

Protestors leaned on one another.

9. Demonstraters March

Demonstraters March

Demonstrators also gathered with signs outside.

10. Protesters Raise Their Voices

Protesters Raise Their Voices

Demonstrators shouted in support of Ford.

11. Protesters Not Backing Down

Protesters Not Backing Down

Protestors rallied against Kavanaugh, sending a strong message.

12. Protesters Won’t Stop

Protesters Won’t Stop

Activists had something to say.

13. Protesters Raise Their Hands

Protesters Raise Their Hands

Demonstrators seemingly held silent protests as well.

14. Protesters Are Taking A Stand

Protesters Are Taking A Stand

There were dozens of protesters against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

15. Protesters Make A Statement

Protesters Make A Statement

Protestors who gathered in the Hart Senate Office Building were ready.