Happy National Selfie Day! Yes, there is day where you are suppose to take selfie! WOW! Well, we did a little research to find out how to take the best selfies and Buzzfeed gave us the best tips. Check it out! 1) Use natural, indirect light from a window, and don’t angle the phone! 2) […]

House Bill 111, which faces a final vote in the House on Wednesday, is one of at least eight proposals pending in the General Assembly would make it easier to buy, carry and, in some cases, fire a handgun in the state. “I’d compare it to the wild, wild West,” said Sen. Clark Jenkins, D-Edgecombe. […]

Stuart McDonald writer of Elev8.com voices his doubts and concerns on whether or not he is actually ready for love in his article entitled, “I Am Ready For Love…Or Am I? McDonald creatively manipulates and analyzes four lines in the first stanza of the India Arie’s Ready for Love. Despite India Arie eloquently professing that […]

Nushawn Williams, who became known as a one-man AIDS epidemic more than a decade ago, when he admitted in 1997 to having unprotected sex with numerous girls and women despite being told he was HIV positive. Officials stated that Williams had sex with up to 47 women in Chautauqua County and at least 28 more […]

Grace, Kara and Trichelle were created to fill a void for young black girls who for so long have been playing with dolls that don’t look like them.