About Truitt O'Neal

A native of Washington D.C., Tru’s love of radio broadcasting began while attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD. Tru could be heard most mornings as one of the voices of the E.R.H.S. morning announcement crew.

In 1993, Tru graduated from E.R.H.S. and left the metropolitan area to study Mass Communications at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

While attending NCCU, Tru worked with the school’s jazz & NPR radio station WNCU 90.7fm where he did everything from sports reporting to production training.

In 1998, Tru began working with the campus’s new student radio station AudioNet: Campus Access Radio as manager. The radio station provided news, music, and entertainment to students.

While working at WNCU & AudioNet Tru was offered a once and a lifetime opportunity to work as a part-time on-air personality on Radio One’s Foxy 107, 104. During his stint at Foxy, Tru worked the overnight shift and filled in for Tom Joyner Morning Show producer Gayle Hurd.

A great opportunity presented itself in 2006 when Tru was asked to produce the Russ Parr Morning Show for WQOK K975. It was a wonderful experience.

Tru can be heard regularly on Radio One of Raleigh\'s WNNL \"The Light\" 103.9FM delivering the news and weather updates during The Yolanda Adam\'s Morning Show weekday\'s from 6-10am.

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