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Chrisean Rock’s sister Latifa Tesehki Malone appeared on both seasons of Zeus Network’s Crazy In Love, but fans are really getting to see the firey rapper in a different light as this season of Baddies East unfolds.

By now, we have all had our fair share of Chrisean Rock and her family drama, yet we still click on headlines and tune in to watch her new journey– motherhood. Along the way we’ve met her siblings, and now the world is getting deeper acquainted with Chrisean Rock’s sister Tesehki.

Who Is Tesehki?

Tesehki is an artist, reality star, and the sister of popular personality Chrisean Rock. Tesehki was a standout at the Baddies East Auditions and her made her Baddies East debut when the show premiered last month. The Baltimore native is the eighth of 12 siblings and a Gemini.

Baddies East Breakout Star

Tesehki made headlines, in August, when camera footage showed her throwing water on her pregnant sister during what turned out to be a taping of Baddies East. As viewers watched on, last night’s episode of the rambunctious reality show, the incident was followed by Tesehki being jumped by two of Chrisean Rock’s friends who were defending Chrisean Rock. The drama between Teseshki and Rock started after Tesehki refused to slap fellow castmates Whoa Vicky and Ahna Mac, who both apologized. “I ain’t no bully,” she proclaimed — a move that garnered her respect across social media.

She Makes Music

Like her sister, Tesehki makes music. Her song “I EATSS,” which refers to her street-acquired fighting skills has nearly 400,000 views on Youtube and climbing upon her likable personality on Baddies East. We got a glimpse of her stage presence when she hit the stage during the Baddies East tour and she is full of charisma similar to her sister Chrisean Rock.

Family Drama

Tesekhi was accused by her nephew,  of molestation. During an Instagram Live, Chrisean brought up the allegations when talking about her and her sister’s strained relationship and added her own allegations. Chrisean claimed Tesehki “did weird sh*t” to her nephew, and “tried to touch [her]” when they were children.

Blueface’s mother Karlissa defended the rising reality star, according to our sister site MadameNoire. During an Instagram snippet, the problematic matriarch added her opinion, saying, “It was probably just some humping cousins.”

Tesehki Recently Got Her Body Done

Fans who tuned into Sunday night’s episode of Baddie East noticed Tesehki was ready to squabble in a waist trainer, which was a notable observation since Tesehki recently underwent BBL surgery at Goals, to enhance her figure.

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