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Raleigh Parks is partnering with The Produce Project to provide a pickup location for fresh produce at John Chavis Memorial Park. The Produce Project works to provide affordable, fresh food to people in need.

You can order an $18 share of produce (totaling $59 value at the grocery store) on the Produce Project website. Pickups will be on Thursdays from 3 to 8 p.m. at the historic carousel building.

What do you get?

About a dozen bananas (banana bread?)

1 large or two small cabbages (cole slaw?)

5lb potatoes (mashed potatoes!)

10 large carrots (dill carrot slices in butter!)

A dozen large jalapeños (bacon wrapped jalapenos appetizer!)

1 spaghetti squash (gluten and carb free spaghetti noodles!)

3 green peppers (stuffed or as stuffing ingredients!)

3 oranges (the kids love oranges, and a great table center!)

1+ lb of mushrooms (STUFFED MUSHROOMS!!)

4 huge yellow onions (stuff. ing.)

6 pickling cucumbers (about 1 jar’s worth -make ’em now so they’re ready for next week!)

1 large bunch of asparagus (a great thanksgiving side dish!)

2 avocados (guacamole is a great snack when family are in town!)

4 tomatoes (Turkey. Sammiches. ’nuff said.)

 Price Comparison

In September, we took a random share and compared it to a local grocery store to see what it might have cost had it been bought retail.  We did not go to Whole Foods, because we thought the price comparison would be unfair.  But we didn’t go to Food Lion either.  We also did not compare our prices to organic produce at the grocery store we went to; we wanted a straight up and fair comparison.  Here’s what we found:

The Produce Project:

Total at the grocery store:

2.5 pounds of Tomatoes (about 8 maters)
2 lbs of green peppers (about 8 peppers)
about 4-5 ears of corn
5 lbs of red potatoes (about 10)
5 lbs of yellow onions (about 6)
4.5 lbs of Cucumbers (about 6)
2.1 lbs of grapes (1 bag)
2 lbs of mangoes (2 mangoes)
1.17 lbs of jalapenos (about 20)
2.1 lbs of peaches (about 3-4 peaches)
2.9 lbs of eggplant (2 of them)
0.75 lbs of limes (about 5)
1/3 of a pound of mushrooms






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