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Beginning in September 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a national, temporary prohibition of evictions due to non-payment, also known as an eviction moratorium. This action was aimed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by allowing tenants facing pandemic-related hardships to stay safely in their homes. The CDC has issued extensions to provide eviction protection throughout the pandemic; however, the eviction moratorium will now expire on Saturday, July 31.

Although the moratorium was able to delay evictions, it did not prevent rent from accruing, relieve tenants’ obligations to make future rent payments, or comply with any other requirements related to rental agreements under contract. The impacts from the moratorium’s end are predicted to be both significant and widespread.

Resources are available to help Raleigh residents as the eviction moratorium expires:

  • The House Wake! COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program can provide up to 12 months of assistance for past due rent and utilities, plus assistance for the current month. To learn if you qualify and apply, visit or call 919-899-9911.
  • Legal Aid of North Carolina can provide information concerning the eviction moratorium, its associated protections, and your rights in an eviction case. Call 1-866-219-5262 for more information.
  • The Raleigh Fair Housing Hearing Board provides a tenants’ rights and obligations handbook, including information on evictions and the process of leaving a rental unit.

The Fair Housing Hearing Board will also be partnering with Legal Aid to host a public panel discussion on Tuesday, August 17 to share additional resources and information with those impacted by the expiration of the moratorium. For more details, please contact the Department of Equity and Inclusion at 


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