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Kelis is offering up cooking classes and it’s all about the sauce!

“Sauces can be daunting. People are accustomed to sauces in bottles,” says Kelis. “Especially for us in the [African] diaspora, we’re saucy people. There’s always some sauce. The reality is most cultures stick to the main food groups. You’ve got your poultry, your beef, your fish, your vegetables, grains, etc. That’s the same. What I realized was as similar as we are, the thing that was defining were where the flavor really popped out at you and tells you kind of like where you’re at is the sauce.”

Kelis hopes that the class will assist the home cook and moms with picky kids.

“The concept of like a kid’s menu is very American,” she says, drawing on her experiences of traveling around the world. “Even before my oldest child was born, I was like, “huh?” Because I didn’t grow up like that. My mom was like, ‘Look, this is what I made. Either you’re hungry or you’re not.’ I have such a love of my heritage and my culture because it was presented to me early on, and my kids are the same way. My five-year-old is just as aware of food as my 11-year-old is because that’s what we eat. Even with my [infant daughter], I make all of her baby food, and I’m like, ‘Okay, well, we’re going to mash up some avocado. We’re going to do some sticky rice and mango with carrots.’ Whatever we’re eating for the week, she’s getting a cleaner version of that.”



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