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After a legendary VERZUZ battle against Monica, Brandy joined us on The Morning Hustle. She tells us how much fun she had, and loved seeing people like Lenny Kravitz, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and Missy Elliot, just a name a few, to join in on the celebration. “It was a night to celebrate,” she tells us, “but it just went so fast.”

Though the battle was more of a celebration of past accomplishments, Brandy is also still making amazing R&B music, and that’s why you need to go check out her new project B7. She fills us in on some of the creative process, and her love for background harmonies, something she’s been in love with since a kid. “This project allowed me to write my story, it has something for everyone on it.”

Ever since Netflix added her classic TV show Moesha to their service, people have been rewatching it like it was for the first time, and have brought up various conversations on social media about the show. It’s also the first time for a lot of the younger generation to experience the entire thing.

She says she hasn’t heard to many specific convo’s about it online, but that her main “focus is on a reboot” after the show’s early success on the streaming service, which we would all love to see!

Listen to the full interview with Brandy on The Morning Hustle and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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