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A Michigan woman was arrested after turning two library books in two years past their due date.

Melinda Sanders-Jones said she attempted to use a printer at her local library and was told that she couldn’t use it until she returned her overdue books. She found the books and turned them in. Later, she found out there was a warrant issued for an arrest when her boss did a background check for Sanders-Jones’ job promotion.

“My boss called me on Tuesday to inform me that I had a warrant and I had to pull over because I started laughing and he was like ‘no, I’m serious.’ And I was like, no, there’s no way, there’s no way I have a warrant,” according to Sanders-Jones.

The charge that Sanders-Jones faces is failure to return rental property. She has a court date coming up later this week. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail and a $500 fine.




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