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91st Academy Awards (Oscars 2019)

Source: Adriana M. Barraza/ / WENN

The talk all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been the fashion from the red carpet at the Oscars. We’ve seen pictures of Angela Bassett looking great in pink.

91st Academy Awards (Oscars 2019)

Source: Apega/ / WENN

Regina King giving us legs in white.

91st Academy Awards (Oscars 2019)

Source: Adriana M. Barraza/ / WENN

But the most talked about person on the red carpet was Billy Porter in his tuxedo gown. The custom velvet tuxedo gown designed by Christian Siriano for Porter. He talked with Vogue magazine about why he wore the gown. “I’ve always been inspired by fashion. My grandmother, my mom—they were always stylish. I grew up loving fashion, but there was a limit to the ways in which I could express myself.”

He continued saying, “When you’re black and you’re gay, one’s masculinity is in question. I dealt with a lot of homophobia in relation to my clothing choices…I was silent for a long time. I was trying to fit into what other people felt I should look like. When I landed a role in Kinky Boots, the experience really grounded me in a way that was so unexpected. Putting on those heels made me feel the most masculine I’ve ever felt in my life. It was empowering to let that part of myself free.”

Porter also believes that as progressive as Hollywoods to be, it still expects people to fit into specific labels. “This industry masquerades itself as inclusive, but actors are afraid to play, because if they show up as something outside of the status quo, they might be received as feminine, and, as a result, they won’t get that masculine job, that superhero job. And that’s the truth. I’ve been confronted with that.” He was offered a pre-show hosting gig and because he doesn’t dress in drag, the tux and dress was the perfect combination. He owned the red carpet.

The idea of a tuxedo gown isn’t for everyone, but you have to say that he looked confident wearing it. He truly SLAYED the carpet! YES! Before Sunday, did you know the Tony Award-winning actor and singer was? You do now! Billy Porter’s name is everywhere. He stars on the show POSE which will airs on FX and season 2 will start airing in July.


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