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When you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner next week, will your blood pressure go up? Under new health guidelines, nearly half of Americans adults will be designated as having high blood pressure. The American Heart Association lowered the target blood pressure from 140/90 to 130/80. High blood pressure raises the risk of heart disease, stroke and other problems.

For Americans under the age of 45, the change will triple the number of men and double the number of men diagnosed with hypertension

The guidelines set new categories and get rid of “prehypertension”:

—Normal: Under 120 over 80

—Elevated: Top number 120-129 and bottom less than 80

—Stage 1: Top of 130-139 or bottom of 80-89

—Stage 2: Top at least 140 or bottom at least 90

Lifestyle changes is the key to treat hypertension with a healthier diet, weight loss, exercise, lower stress level and cutting back on alcohol and salt.

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