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Pastor Darrell Scott organized Monday’s black pastors meeting in New York City with Donald Trump.

By the way, it’s the third time he and other pastors have met with Trump.

He said he did it because the last time they met with him racial issues dominated the conversation and he felt they needed more time and to bring in other voices that needed to be heard.

Lemon – “So what did he say?”

Bishop Bloomer – “What he said was he didn’t know it was a Black Lives Matter or a White Lives Matter…. He was trying to do what he had to do.”

Lemon – “When he said he deserved to be roughed up did he talk about that?

Pastor Scott – “We brought up the fact that at times he could appear to be insensitive….. We didn’t mince our words.”

Bloomer – “We said we didn’t want to be in a situation where color was being courted.”

Bishop Corletta Vaughn of Detroit declined the invitation from Pastor Scott because she had deeper concerns than color like gender and poverty issues.

“So I didn’t want to be on the stage with someone in a photo op when I am not at this point endorsing this man or even in agreement with him.”

Pastor Scott says there was a miscommunication with the Trump camp about some ministers who did not support Trump attending the meeting.

Scott says when the flier went out with the word “endorsement” on it, all hell broke loose.

And that’s when the conversation really got interesting.

Scott – “When that word endorsement went out the preachers whose names was on that flier got scared… and ran.”

Vaughn – “I didn’t’ get scared Darrell Scott… Scott – “You got scared Corletta.  You got scared and ran.”

Yes, it got real.

But it got even more real when they addressed the rhetoric being used about them from other pastors and on social media.

Pastor Mark Burns – “We’re being called coons.  We’re being called uncle toms, sellouts, that we’re not really representing African Americans… selling out African Americans for a white supremacist Donald Trump.”

Scott – “One of the things that people say they really don’t like about Donald Trump for insulting people, insult us.  There were women in that meeting.  You need to have your credentials revoked… think about what you’re saying before you say it.”

Lemon – “Bishop Vaughn what do you think of that sort of rhetoric.

Vaughn – “I thought it was very disrespectful.  We have a right to sit in a room where we want to sit.  We have a right not to sit… agree or not get an invitation.”

Burns – “No one specific group controls all of black America.  It’s almost like we had to seek permission to meet with Mr. Trump.”

Lemon – “What does that say about where we are right now?”

Burns – “It obviously says that we are divided.  As a people we are divided.”

And if anyone, especially these pastors should know what Mark 3:25 says in the bible about a house divided against itself:  “that house cannot stand.”

And let the church say, AMEN.

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