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Slice of pumpkin pie with piece on fork, close-up

Source: Bacon, Quentin / Getty

Yesterday, the website “discovered” sweet potato pie. The title of the article about this “new” dessert was titled “Give Pumpkin A Run For It’s Money With This Sweet Potato Pie.”

Uh…there’s no competition between sweet potato and pumpkin. Also, it’s not new. Black folks have been eating sweet potato pie for generations.

The article describes this strange new pie as “different and wonderful.” An earlier version of the article suggested that you serve this “humble pie” at Thanksgiving dinner instead of pumpkin pie.

Wow. What a great idea.

In other pie news, have  you seen this hilarious review of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie that’s available in Walmart? Somebody please give this man a television show. (You may want to listen through your headphones if you’re at work because of the adult language.)