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How does one crochet? You must first have your natural hair braided into cornrows. After your hair is braided you then will attach loose bulk hair of your choice (human or synthetic) with latch hook with your hair, working your way from the back of your head to the front.  If using synthetic/Marley hair like me,  after the hair is installed perm rods are then used and then dipped in hot water to then curl hair.

What I love most about this hairstyle is the easy maintenance. With any style you must take care of the extensions to ensure its lasting power. The only maintenance required for this hair is to make sure you preserve your curls by placing your hair in a pineapple (High Ponytail) or using a silk bonnet. I loved that I could still oil and condition my scalp. It is important to take care of your natural hair under any protective style.

So if you are thinking about your next protective hair styling that’s budget friendly, no fuss, and stress-free on your natural tresses look no further than this great style!

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Shameika Simmons is a professional makeup artist, beauty revivalist, writer and speaker based in NYC.

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