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It was a great weekend to get the grime off the whip. I got the ultimate deal which included vacuuming, armor-all and the works. However, when I returned home I noticed my vehicle had been damaged in several places through the car-wash attendants carelessness. According to the dealer, to replace that part would be very expensive, BECAUSE the entire console would have to be replaced because it was attached to the VIN number. WHAT A BUMMER!!!

When I confronted the manager at car wash and he had a nonchalant attitude and stated read this sign. The sign at the car wash stated that they are “not liable”. Legally does that mean that they are not responsible for any damage done to my vehicle? Is there anyway around that? This isn’t over by any stretch. But for now, I’ll give my vehicles the tender love it deserves and wash it myself. At least I’ll know it will done correctly.

What are your thoughts?

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