Accused killer Jesse Matthew pleaded guilty to the murders of University of Virginia students Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington and was given four life sentences, NBC News reports. Matthew, 34, was already serving three life sentences for a 2005 rape and attempted murder case in Washington’s Northern Virginia suburbs. Matthew, who worked at UVA’s medical center […]

A new survey puts Orlando at the top of the most dangerous cities throughout the country for spring break. An analysis conducted by Avvo, which offers free ratings and profiles for lawyers and doctors, found that the sunny Florida tourist attraction is followed by other hot spots such as Daytona Beach, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, […]

BATON ROUGE-Two students at Southern University, Ferdinand Dorsey Jr. and Sheena Barnett have been killed in a three day period. RELATED: Top 9 episodes of the Cosby Show WAFB reports: The latest victim, Ferdinand Dorsey Jr., 24, was shot to death Monday night at the Palisades Apartments near campus around 9:30 p.m. In a show […]