Worried about missing your Amazon delivery? Concerned that someone might steal your package from your front door? Amazon has a solution! How about granting Amazon access to your home when you’re gone? The driver can open your front door, leave your package inside and lock up! (This isn’t a joke. It’s really happening with a […]

It’s the fourth quarter for the Obama presidency. There were lots of laughs and jabs at the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner. Key of Key and Peele fame, makes an appearance as the anger translator “Luther,” he shows up to vent some of President Obama’s frustrations.

If you haven’t caught “Key and Peele” on Comedy Central, tonight would be a good night to do so. The show airs weekly on Wednesday nights at 10:30 and since the second round of debates has aired, you can believe that the two will have something to say about them. One of their best sketches […]