According to the National Chicken Council, fans are expected to eat a record-breaking 1.35 billion wings during the Big Game this weekend! That’s a lot of wings. Whether dipped in sauce or simply fried, let’s send a shot out to all the chickens, who gave up their wings so we can enjoy the tasty, tender […]

Today its time to celebrate the Pound Cake. Today is National Pound Cake Day. Pound cake lovers can celebrate with a piece (or two) of this delicious rich delight. They’ve come a long way since its original formula: a pound each of butter, sugar, flour and eggs, bakers have gotten inventive with pound cake flavors. […]

Ben & Jerry’s flock of followers are as loyal as a sport’s team supporter. They’re all time favorite day is known as the new flavor. With names like “Magic Brownies” and “Imagine Whirled Peace” the flavors of the Vermont-based ice cream company have always had a reputation of being silly, and quirky when you think […]