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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - May 19, 2023

Source: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Well, this is a rather unexpected reunion.

Influencer and entrepreneur Jordyn Woods was spotted out, having sushi in LA on Saturday night. But it’s who she had dinner with that’s causing a stir: her former BFF, Kylie Jenner.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the two were all smiles as they grabbed a bite to eat in Cali, eventually leaving the restaurant together in the same car.

This marks the first time that the two were seen together in four years.

To refresh your memory, Kylie and Jordyn were practically inseparable since meeting through mutual friend Jaden Smith back in 2012. They partied together, lived together at one point, and had joint business ventures.

That all changed in February 2019, when reports hit the net, saying that Jordyn “hooked up” with NBA baller (and serial cheater) Tristan Thompson. Jordyn would clear the air on Red Table Talk, saying that he only kissed her and nothing more.

However, that didn’t stop Tristan’s girlfriend, Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian, from going on the warpath, blaming Jordyn for breaking up her family.

It’s interesting, considering that Khloe and fam forgave Tristan almost immediately. And then, he went on to cheat on Khloe multiple times after that… but we digress.

Needless to say, Kylie chose to side with her family over Jordyn. However, it looks like she’s now ready to bury the hatchet. But should Jordyn even entertain the idea, though?

Social media had thoughts (of course). Check out some feedback below!

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1. If Khloe can forgive that guy…

2. Accurate response though!

3. Mama, who is this woman?!

4. Dr. Miami… Please.

5. Time heals all wounds…

6. … But then again…

7. Not as forgiving…

8. Seriously… why?

9. Every situation AIN’T the same!

10. #Marketing?

(That is a cute dress, tho.)

11. Fact!

12. Emphasis on the “overused” part…

13. And finally… just for giggles

(Now y’all know this NOT happening… but one could only hope.)