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Domestic violence has been going on for centuries.  At one time, it was even perceived as a ‘private affair’ and was never mentioned.  The reality is . . . domestic violence does not discriminate.  It knows no age, social class, ethnicity or religion and it does and can happen to anyone.  Celebrities involved in domestic violence are often arrested, some face jail time while others are forgiven.  Here are just a few of the many who have been involved in domestic violence.

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1. Kevin McCall

Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Kevin McCall. Reportedly, McCall chased Marcille around their home, kicked down doors and attempted to snatch their daughter from her hands.

2. Mike Epps

Mike Epps

The actor is facing some serious accusations from a woman that use to ghost write for him. He was with his wife at a movie premiere when she confronted them. She claims Epps hit her in the face while trying to separate his wife and her during a heated exchange.

3. Columbus Short

Columbus Short

TMZ reported that Short was arrested for physically attacking his wife in front of his children back in February. According to TMZ, that was not the first time.

4. The Game

The Game

The Game is back under the microscope of the police. He is being investigated allegedly beating up his fiancee Tiffney Cambridge. The investigation could result in a felony domestic violence charge.

5. Ray Rice

Ray Rice

Rice married his fiancee and mother of his child, Janay Palmer, just a day after he was indicted for third degree aggravated assault after surveillance video taken in Atlantic City shows him dragging an unconscious Palmer out of a casino elevator.

6. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

South Africa’s golden boy nicknamed ‘the blade runner’ was arrested on Valentine’s day for the murder of his girlfriend – model, lawyer and reality star Reeva Steenkamp. After his arrest, there were reports of previous allegations of domestic violence.

7. Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is the alleged abuser who knocked the hearing out of Halle Berry’s ear.

8. 50 Cent

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is accused of kicking his ex-girlfriend and damaging her home during an altercation at her Toluca Lake, California home. Police estimated almost $7,100 in damages at her home from their incident.

9. Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson: His anger during an arguement with his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, resulted in a three-inch gash on her forehead after he head-butted her. He not only lost his wife but was dropped from the Miami Dolphins and his new reality show was cancelled. According to recent Tweets, he now channels his anger to her in cyberspace.

10. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown: His assault on girlfriend Rihanna was one of the most publicized domestic violence cases and is still to this day often discussed. These two have since repaired their relationship and have gotten back together to the dismay of others. Fortunately, today there are programs in place to help people who inflict pain and misery on the very ones they claim to love.

11. Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav: He was arrested last year for violence against his fiancee and her son. He allegedly threw her to the ground and ripped out her earring during an argument. Her son tried to defend her and was chased around the house by Flavor Flav wielding two knives.

12. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson physically and verbally abused ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva.

13. O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson abused his slain ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson on numerous occasions.

14. Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman: While married to Carmen Electra in 1999, he and Carmen were both charged with misdemeanors after police were notified of a domestic disturbance. In 2003, he was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting his then fiancee. Again in 2008, he pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor spousal battery charges and was sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling and three years probation.

15. Rocker Tommy Lee

Rocker Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee: Rock star and Motley Crue drummer was finally sentenced to jail for six months in 1998 for battering wife Pamela Anderson. The judge noted that Lee had been repeatedly placed on probation for a series of violent incidents dating back to 1983 and faulted the justice system for allowing the rocker to believe that he could get away with behaving violently.

16. Ike Turner

Ike Turner

Ike Turner: The violence in their marriage was turned into a film ‘What’s Love Got to do With it’ and I remember feeling each blow that was delivered to Tina. The violent marriage came to an end when Tina finally left him in 1976.

17. Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan: The father of Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on numerous occasions for domestic violence against his girlfriend, Kate Major. The last one resulted in him becoming physical as well as threatening to throw her off the balcony and slit her wrists. He complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital instead of jail. This happened the previous time he was arrested and actually tried to slip out undetected but was caught.