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Akira All Dolled Up Collection

Source: Akira / Akira

Akira is serving the perfect mix of Barbiecore meets Y2K with their “All Dolled Up” collection.

For the past three years, both trends have been steadily creeping into the forefront of contemporary fashion for years. This recently released collection sits at the apex mountain of their style power.

The offerings from “All Dolled Up” hit the vibes of domapine dressing. Combining the expected tulle and sparkle with millennial staples will jog your style memory to a land of Myspace HTML codes and reasonably priced garden apartments.

The collection features cute accessories, jazzy sandals, fun dresses, bright jewelry, and more. It’s as if Carrie Bradshaw and your favorite Bratz doll had a baby who would never leave the house without a rhinestone-covered iPhone case featuring the Baby Phat symbol and a pair of dangly earrings.

There are slim fringe trimmed tees, blinged-out tops, sparkly slacks, stacked clogs, and over-the-knee boots. They are accompanied by darling accessories that will make you miss the days of basement parties and T-Mobile sidekicks.

Rosettes, baguette-shaped purses, slippery spaghetti straps, preppy separates, and adorable teddy bear graphics show up in the collection at the brand’s affordable prices. 

The trendy Chicago boutique started by Erikka Wang, Eric Hseuh, and Sarah Hughes has always had a well-curated selection of what’s now and what’s next. They have grown to become one of the most popular online boutiques. 

This doll-inspired collection, inspired by the barrage of Barbiecore influences currently flooding pop culture, offers statement pieces that can be separated to add a bit of fizz to basics. 

See some of our favorite picks from the “All Dolled Up” collection below. 

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5 Must-Haves From AKIRA’S All Dolled Up Collection  was originally published on

1. Best Ever Fringe Tank Top In Fuchsia

Best Ever Fringe Tank Top In Fuchsia Source:Akira

Pink fringe is just as pretty as black and slipper options without the flapper connotations. We loved seeing it on one of our favorite TikTokers, Mel Mitchell, at the Renaissance tour, and we love it on this pretty top.

Pair it with the matching pants, or take it full force and rock wide-legged jeans.

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2. Azalea Wang Wanna Pink Embellished Platform

Azalea Wang Wanna Pink Embellished Platform Source:Akira

The embellished chunky platform sandal in pink is the perfect shoe to take any outfit to the next level. 

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3. Paxton Luxe Longline Bra Top In Neon Pink

Paxton Luxe Longline Bra Top In Neon Pink Source:Akira

Athleisure had tightened in the past few seasons allowing preppy tennis shirts and sports bras to replace yoga pants and slouchy tops. Pair this neon longline bra with the matching skirt, or freshen up the look with white shorts.

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4. Elegant Embellished Bag

Elegant Embellished Bag Source:Akira

This shoulder bag is the epitome of Y2K fashion. Pair it with a pleated skirt and a velour hoodie and ride out. 

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5. Paxton Sami Scoop Sleeveless Bodysuit

Paxton Sami Scoop Sleeveless Bodysuit Source:Akira

Bodysuits are essential to a well-balanced wardrobe, but if you’re not careful, this basic can get boring. Leave behind the brown, black, khaki, and greige and embrace color with this pink number.

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