Beyonce’s Tumblr page has become a photo album of her private and fun moments, including intimate shots of husband Jay-Z and sister Solange. Bey recently…

It’s prom season and this year families with teenagers attending the prom will spend an average of $1,078 on the big evening with includes on photos, limos, hair and makeup styling, tickets, and of course, a dress or tuxedo. Spending on the prom has been driven to levels that are off the chart, because teens are […]

Have you ever received a butt call? Well, it’s not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter. A butt call is an unintended cell-phone call made by sitting on the speed dial buttons. Of course they have no idea they called your number but you get to listen to all their […]

  THE FACTS: Neither the Heat nor the Bulls wanted to place too much importance on a game that figured to have no bearing on the standings, but it was difficult to argue which one had more on the line. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra conceded that his team was in need of a signature […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here at HelloBeautiful, we’re feeling the love and we’ve been celebrating it all month with our series “Make It Last Forever.”  We’re…

The D.I.N.A.O. Project (Divorce Is Not An Option) is about making people stay married. Ok, that’s a little strong. The D.I.N.A.O. Project is about not…

Patrick Humphrey, 33, was shot by police, after his mother called emergency crews to help restrain him. Humphries was known to have mental disorders and to become resistant if there were problems with his medication, friends and family members say. “His mother called 911 to get help with her son. She did not call for […]

“When a fan called him out on the tweet, he responded: @Evildoer_Esq every time somebody says the word gay u want to get your panties in a bunch relax #whyusoemotional.” His next tweet: “Freedom of speech. I don’t care how much money I make. I should be held to my own standards and not the […]

In a culture where celebrity marriages come and go like emails, Gabrielle Union says she learned “1,001” lessons after divorce, reports People. The Think Like a Man (April 20) star says she learned quite a bit after her marriage ended. “I think after divorce I’ve learned 1,001 lessons,” she says. “You just have to be […]

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