Are you familiar with FaceApp, a selfie-editing app that allows users to transform pictures by making them look older, younger, or even giving them an artificial smile. The creator of the app updated their software, where users could edit selfies to fit into ‘Caucasian, Asian, Indian or Black’ categories. The update was met with tremendous […]

08/10/17- How do you catch your kids if they are being sneaky? Kym puts everything on a sensor. The minute they touch it alarms and lights go off! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Sheila E has released her new single Funky National Anthem that was inspired by old funk. The Tom Joyner Morning Show is the first to play the song on the radio. The inspiration for this song came during a routine sound check. “I love sound checks. Sometimes you get to write new songs with the band”, gushed Sheila. […]

HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod from Flipping Virgins is passionate about real estate and investing. She loves what she does. Sherrod comes from a family of realtors and investors that had a big impact on her career path. When most people can’t wait to get paid to buy shoes or clothes Sherrod says, “I was buying properties and flipping them. 46 houses later […]

Dr. Bennet Omalu is the author of the new book Truth Doesn’t Have A Side: My Alarming Discovery About The Danger Of Contact Sports. Will Smith played him in the film Concussion. He is credited with finding out the harsh repercussions of contact sports on children and adults. Dr. Omalu wrote this book, “to help parents answer […]

08/10/17- Do your boobs ever get sweaty? Go out and buy the TaTa towel! The new boob scrunchie is designed for the ample women’s breast. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

08/10/17- There’s a new food spot opening in New York called the Spotted Cheetah. The theme is Cheetos, featuring Cheetos Cheese Cake, Cheetos grilled cheese, Cheetos tacos and much more. Too bad it’s a strong reminder of our orange President! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Comedian T.K. Kirkland comes into the studio for some light conversation with the TJMS crew. The single life is for T.K. “I’m a retired hoe. We travel, we go to six flags, bake dinner wash the dishes. When everyone goes to sleep you look at old videos of yourself.” Having two daughters, he does his […]

08/10/17- Technical difficulties this morning as Sherri and Kym got into the studio late. Tom says they are probably fighting outside over who sold the most tickets to their shows in Jacksonville tonight.  Tom took a red-eye flight from NY to Atlanta this morning and got 1 hour of sleep! But it was worth it because […]

The incoming class at Harvard University is making history as more than half of the new students are people of color. For the first time in Harvard’s 380-year existence diversity has tipped the scales. According to the BBC, 50.9 percent of the Harvard freshman are non-White. That number is up from 47.3 percent last year […]