Inauguration 2013

Check out this hot mix of yesterday’s Inauguration activities. Obama’s 2013 Inauguration MIX_By Bryan Apple

Over 800,000 supporters were on hand at the National Mall Monday for the swearing in of the nation’s 44th president Brack Obama. What were your most memorable moments of inauguration 2013?

Monday night, I attended one of two balls that were held to celebrate President Barack Obama‘s swearing in on Monday afternoon. Called “The Inaugural Ball,”…

We knew that this would be a memorable Inaugural week-end, celebrating the second term in the White House for President Barack Obama, but it’s been…

Today was a historic day for our country as we witnessed, President Barack Obama take the oath of office to begin his second term in office. It is a second term for the first African American POTUS and the second time he has taken the oath of office on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  […]

Inauguration 2013, National

Today marks the day that we observe the birthday of Nobel Peace Prize winner, scholar and activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The holiday symbolizes…

Inauguration 2013, National

The TJMS reacts to commentator Tavis Smiley’s comments about President Obama not being the fulfillment of MLK’s dream.

Inauguration 2013, National

Chris Paul jokes with the crew about Manti Te’o's interview with Katie Couric and the 2013 Inauguration.

President Barack Obama is subtly incorporating race into his inauguration for a second term in the White House. When Obama is publicly sworn-in on Monday…

A lot of folks, me included, didn’t know the swearing in of the President is always at 12 noon on Jan. 20th, as directed by the U.S. Constitution; since Jan. 20th falls on a Sunday this year what we see tomorrow will be the reenactment.  President Barack Obama was officially sworn in today along with […]