Actor and comedian Jeremy Piven shared that over the course of his career he has felt the most supported by the Black community. He’s rather new to the stand-up comedy world and though there are a lot of people who don’t want to support or believe in a new act. But, he attributes the support […]

Tank has really put his time in and earned his spot as one of the greatest. He worked literally from the bottom up. Thankfully he doesn’t feel like he’s ever worked with a “bad” artist.  He worked for Aaliyah, and Genuwine and says, “it was the best.” To this day, if he’s around when Genuwine […]

The economy is doing extremely well, some say it’s because of the policies the Obama Administration put in place. Others, who DL says are wrong, believe it has a lot to do with Donald Trump. There are 10 cities where most of the new jobs are coming from. They are, Austin, San Jose, Nashville, San Antonio, […]

Recently the Zetas have been criticized for saying they will not allow transgender women to join their organization. Kym Whitley is a Delta, but from her experience, no one checks what the ladies have between their legs when it comes time to pledge. Jasmine Sanders believes that just like Black men and women created our […]

Meagan Good is one of the most respected, talented, and beautiful actresses of our time. She consistently outdoes herself on the big screen. But one thing some people can’t help but wonder is how she manages to be a Pastor’s wife and thrive in a career, which sometimes requires sex scenes. Good says that her […]

Michael Ealy stars in the new movie The Intruder along side Megan Good. Though they’ve been in the same movie a few times, they hadn’t gotten a chance to shoot a scene together until now. DL points out that the film is timely because there are people who feel like they’re being forced out of […]

Garcelle Beauvais is best known for her role as “Fancy”, the stunning love interest of “Jamie King” on “The Jamie Foxx Show”. The role put her on many people’s lists of their celebrity crushes. After the show she continued acting and became a mom of twin boys. Most recently, she can be seen on Prime’s […]

Have you ever been stalked? Or stalked someone? Kenny Lattimore has never stalked, but he did have a hardcore stalker. And y’all…this woman was efficient! She had been to his house, his church, and flew to whatever city he was in. The woman literally slid a note under his door that read “you’re my only […]

Loni Love is an open book when she’s with her girls hosting The Real, and it’s no different when she sits down with D.L.! She talks to the crew about her past in Detroit and mentions she can’t move back there and do the things she used to because she tries not to do “bad […]

D.L. Hughley points out that America is changing and evolving. We’re getting “browner, fatter, higher,” and “gayer.”  The very talented Anthony Anderson shares with the crew that he has seen several benefits to using both marijuana and CBD oil. He uses the CBD Oil to ease his “chronic elbow pain.” He’d like to see more […]

Comedian George Wallace works just about every day! He takes all kinds of gigs, corporate, private and even church. He says he does the church gigs and “people are cursing in church now.” Especially when they can’t open their wine for communion. He says he works so much because he loves it. He’s going to […]

Who would have guessed that Ray J would go from playing the knucklehead Dorian on “Moesha” to becoming a boss in the tech field. The California native stopped by the D.L. Hughley Show to discuss all of his projects… and trust us there’s a lot. Learn about them ALL above! The D.L. Hughley Show airs weeknights on […]