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An Ohio woman found herself spending 3 days in jail for calling 911 repeatedly to ask for “a husband”. Audrey Scott was charged with a misdemeanor for making false 911 calls, 5 total in a one hour period of time. Ms. Scott acknowledges that she was drinking heavily and was in the wrong for calling 911. However, making false 911 calls is no laughing matter to police.

If you call 911 for any purpose other than reporting an actual emergency, you could face criminal charges in Texas. You can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for “FALSE ALARM or REPORT” or a Class B misdemeanor for SILENT OR ABUSIVE CALLS TO 9-1-1. These charges can result in fines and or jail time.

During an actual emergency such as a heart attack or a burglar breaking into your house, every second counts. What happens if you call 911 and get a busy signal or get put on hold? Don’t think it happens? It does, every day. 911 calls should be reserved for true emergencies, not to seek a husband, find the cute cop you talked to last week or even to report something such as a lost wallet.


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