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Marshalls the good stuff social club

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The Marshall’s Good Stuff Social Club is empowering women with the tools to stay afloat in a rocky world. Last week, HelloBeautiful had the opportunity to attend the two-day social club, focusing on self worth, financial literacy, mental health and more. Marshall’s gave us “the good stuff,” and we took notes.

When they say Marshalls believes that women deserve access to the good stuff in life – not only in its stores but everywhere it matters, they mean it. The mega brand names its Good Stuff Social Club as a premiere and inclusive space that provides women with access to resources, tools, and community to help them achieve their ambitions for a better life.

How to Get the Good Stuff in Life with Priyanka Chopra

When we heard that actor and producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas was hosting its first-ever experience in New York City, we knew we had to take part. This powerhouse of a woman is not only known for the magic she creates on screen in shows like “Quantico,” but she’s also known for her commitment to helping girls and women around the world reach their goals. It was, therefore, fitting for her to give a masterclass that provides attendees with an all-access pass to understanding what it means to “get the good stuff” in life, from finding self-worth to building the confidence to pursue one’s ambitions.

Marshalls Good Stuff Social Club Priyanka Chopra

Source: Courtesy of Marshall’s / Marshall’s

The fireside chat, moderated by fashion heavy-hitter Tiffany Reid, offered some insightful discussions. Chopra opened up about her journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way. The actor said, “Society tries to put women in a box, but your box can have flowers and unicorns.” Essentially, it’s whatever you make it or want it to be. The Cancer woman also shared that if she could speak to her younger self, she would tell her, “Breathing is the best thing you can do.” More than anything, she aims to be so stable that the little things don’t shake her because sometimes the noise from the outside can be so loud. And one way of doing that is by thinking about your five strengths. 

Marshall’s didn’t stop with Chopra. They had an all-star lineup. We got to chat with two of the session leaders, and they dropped all the gems.

Size-Inclusive Movement Coach Kanoa Greene and Film Director, as well as Founder of Sad Girls Club, Elyse Fox, shared insights into their collaboration with Marshalls for the launch of the Good Stuff Social Club. Kanoa expressed her passion for empowering women and highlighted the club’s commitment to providing tools, resources, and a supportive community for women of all backgrounds. She emphasized the importance of inclusivity and providing a space where every woman is welcomed and elevated to success.

Kanoa Greene’s Perspective: Bridging Gaps and Inspiring Confidence

Marshalls the good stuff social club

Source: Courtesy of Marshall’s

Kanoa Greene, known for her work in making fitness inclusive for everyone, discussed her journey as a plus-size fitness trainer and yoga instructor. She acknowledged the challenges faced within the industry and her doubts but stressed the significance of spaces like the Good Stuff Social Club. Kanoa creates spaces where women can celebrate their bodies in motion, making exercise inclusive and empowering. As a Black woman, she highlighted the importance of having a space where Black women can move with joy and find empowerment.

Elyse Fox’s Advocacy for Mental Wellness and Community Care

Elyse Fox, as the Film Director and CEO of Sad Girls Club, expressed her commitment to providing culturally appropriate mental wellness services for the BIPOC community. She shared her passion for creating spaces for those often overlooked, drawing from her own experiences within the community. Elyse emphasized the impact of neglect on generations and lauded Marshalls’ initiative in unlocking access for women through the Good Stuff Social Club.

Exploring the Notion of Self-Worth

Kanoa shared her perspective on self-worth, defining it as recognizing one’s inherent value and embracing oneself as a gift to the world. She encouraged women to step into their self-worth, likening it to exercising a muscle that, when strengthened, exudes assurance and strength. Elyse added that self-worth involves understanding that one’s existence is worthy of love, even in the face of external challenges.

Words of Inspiration for Women

In concluding remarks, Elyse shared three key pieces of advice for women aspiring to achieve their ambitions:

  • Define Your ‘Why’: Understand the motivation behind your goals and what sets you apart.
  • Follow Intuition and Morals: Stay true to yourself and make decisions aligned with your values.
  • Move with Intention: Approach every endeavor with purpose and mindfulness.

The collaboration between Marshalls, Kanoa Greene, and Elyse Fox is a testament to the commitment to empower women, foster inclusivity, and provide platforms for personal and collective growth. Through the Good Stuff Social Club, these advocates aim to inspire women to embrace their worth and pursue their ambitions with confidence.

Following the event, consumers can follow @Marshalls on Instagram and TikTok to get access to digital tools and resources created by experts to help achieve their ambitions.


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