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As beautiful as the Black experience is, it can also be frightening. Between Karens, driving while Black, and every other potential threat, everyday Black life feels like a horror movie sometimes. Films like The Blackening prove everyday Black life can be scarier than a Busta Rhymes run-in with Michael Myers.But as a resilient race, we can find humor even in the darkest of situations.

In the great words of social media, do Black people take anything seriously? Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls may pose a threat to other races, but to Black folk, nothing is scarier than calling the police and becoming a victim or having your Black card revoked for renigging in Spades.

If you’re like me, Halloween is one of your favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love to play dress-up with frightening or fabulous Halloween costumes, horror flicks that scare the sh*t out of you, and free candy?!

Whether you’re spending this Halloween trick or treating, channeling your inner ghoul for a festive party, or staying in and closing the blinds, here are a few Black Halloween flicks to keep you entertained.

The Blackening

Black people might not be scared of classic horror characters like Jason Voorhies or Leatherface, but a Sambo-inspired killer with a crossbow — now that is something to be afraid of. These Black people don’t die first in this culturally charged horror flick that packs the jokes.

Old friends gather for a Juneteenth celebration at a cabin in the woods where they quickly realize their lives are in danger after being prompted to play a game of “The Blackening.” Insecure’s Yvonne Orji and Empire and Harlem actress Grace Myers, lead the cast of Black actors who put their Black culture knowledge to the test with Black trivia that trolls every Black trope you can think of. Notable performances by Melvin Gregg, X Mayo, Jermaine Fowl, and Dwayne Perkins, make The Blackening an unexpectedly good time.

From Spades bragging rights to rapper math inspired by Nas lyrics, this is a comedy you can relate to and watch all year round. Catch this hilarious flick streaming on Starz on Hulu.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Disney’s 2023 Haunted Mansion got a makeover with an ensemble cast starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Lakeith, an astrophysicist who created a lens that can capture paranormal activity, is summoned to a creepy mansion where he meets Rosario Dawson’s character, Gabbie, and her son Travis. They enlist the ghoul gang – Tiffany Haddish, Danvu DeVito and Owen Wilson — for a spooky and surprisingly funny family-approved adventure.

Catch Haunted Mansion streaming on Disney+, and all major digital retailers including Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu. Oh yeah, and DVD, because they still make those.

The House Next Dorr: Meet The Blacks 2

There’s probably nothing scary about Meet The Blacks, but it is hilarious. What else do you expect from a scary flick starring Mike Epps and Katt Williams? Epps character, Carl Black, moved his family across town after they endured a haunting in their first home, only to be presented with a similar situation in their new residence. He believes his neighbor Dr. Mamaduwalde (Williams) is a vampire lusting after his wife. The graphics are so ridiculous, it works. With funny folks like Michael Blackson, Duva, and Bresha Webb, pour up a drink for this one because you won’t stop laughing.

A Haunted House

Do Black people take anything seriously? When Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and his wife Kisha (Essence Atkins) uproot their family to move into a new home, they quickly learn their house is haunted, but it’s the comedy that ensues during nights of haunting that makes this Black not-so-scary flick a classic. Ray Ray, masterfully played by Affion Crockett, and his gangsta brethren stop by to put an end to Malcolm and Kisha’s beef, but when they realize their guns don’t stand a chance against a demon, they flee in hilarious fashion.

Happy viewing!


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