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Tia Mowry is in her “glow-up” era. The actress has always emanated a glittery essence, but these days, her sparkle has exploded into an illumination that is hard to ignore. It permeates through her entertaining Instagram and TikTok posts, and it’s not just an act. Her gleeful aura traveled with her to our Zoom chat, allowing for the most pleasant conversation about parenting, pampers, and letting go.

Among all the other things Mowry is involved in, Pampers Swaddlers’ new Blowout Barrier ambassador can now be added to her resume. I chatted with the beauty about her latest project, and we swapped experiences about our parenting journeys. As a fellow mother, I entered my parenting role ready to guide and teach my son many things. Little did I know I would be the student. I asked Mowry if she had experienced the same thing, to which she passionately expressed that parenting taught her a golden lesson about releasing control.

When she was pregnant with her son Cree, she excitedly planned an at-home birth with a doula in tow. However, her plans were derailed when the time came to deliver. “That was the first lesson where I said, ‘You know what, you can’t control things. Cree wanted to enter this world the way he wanted to, and the way he was supposed to,’” Mowry reflected. “That taught me how to let go. It’s not all about me when it comes to parenthood.”

Tia Mowry x Pampers Swaddlers’ Blowout Barrier

Mowry is excited about her partnership with Pampers Swaddlers’ new Blowout Barrier, which helps prevent up to 100% of leaks, even blowouts. The actress has had her fair share of traumatic failed pamper experiences and hopes to help eliminate this catastrophe for other parents. “As a mom, especially as a new mom, I was always afraid of blowouts,” said the entrepreneur. “I just wanted to bring awareness and to help parents have one less thing to worry about. I wish I had the blowout barrier pampers when my kids were younger!”

Mowry’s grind is admirable. In addition to being a parent, the multi-hyphenate has many other tasks on her “things-to-do” list. Despite the many hats she wears, the star makes sure she is intentional about making time for herself. The former Sister, Sister  star proudly revealed that she has a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her bedroom door in the morning so that she can “recharge” before taking care of others.

“Understand that taking care of you is not selfish. I think women are taught to constantly be givers in some sort of sense and lose sight of pouring back into us. I feel like it’s okay to create some sort of boundaries when it comes to you taking care of you. And you taking care of you is not selfish,” the author emphasized. “When you are filling up your own cup, you’re able to be present with your children. You’re able to be a better mom and a better partner.”

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