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Stitch Fix Main Character Closet event

Source: Joce Blake / Joce Blake

Whether you identify as Olivia Pope, Moesha, Issa Dee, Khadijah James, Rachel Marron, Nola Darling, or Tony Childs, you’re a main character, no matter what.

Stitch Fix tapped into this magnetic energy with their latest campaign: Main Character Closets. Together, they partnered with the legendary costume designer Mona May to create this magical capsule. She boasts a prolific career crafting iconic looks for film and television. Notable for her work on “Clueless” and “Enchanted,” May’s creativity and keen eye for style has left an indelible mark on pop culture. A tastemaker in costume design, her work continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

At the VIP Premiere, I got to experience what the style lovers put together. As I entered the event, I was whisked away to take a quick style quiz. The results: I’m a 90’s IT Girl.

Before I knew it, I indulged in delicious drinks and bites, immersing myself in an exclusive panel discussion about personal styling featuring Mona May herself. Not to mention partying with Real Housewives of New York City, Sai De Silva and Erin Dana Lichy. 

Stitch Fix Main Character Closet event

Source: Stitch Fix / Stitch Fix

It was clear that May thoughtfully curated the style personas for ‘Main Character Closets’ based on recent trend report data conducted by Stitch Fix. The data found that 40% of people draw inspiration from their favorite on-screen characters to inform their personal style, with 37% deeming the ‘90s the most fashionable era. This means that many people are influenced by the fashion they see in movies and TV shows and that the ‘90s is a popular era for fashion inspiration.


Stitch Fix Is Helping You Find Your Main Character Energy

Stitch Fix Main Character Closet event

Source: Stitch Fix / Stitch Fix

May considered this data when creating the style personas for ‘Main Character Closets,’ which are designed to help people find their style. The personas are based on different on-screen characters, each with a unique style that reflects the character’s personality. “Main Character Fixes” can help you embody five distinct characters, bringing coveted on-screen looks to life.

First up is Collegiate Chic. Think of Dion from Clueless. She always gave a polished look by incorporating classic Autumn staples. Prep school style is always on trend no matter the era, especially with loafers up 38% year after year. 

The ’90s It Girl — this is what I got on the style quiz, and I was so geeked. This main character can be described as laid-back, fun-loving, and all about proportion play. StitchFix and May suggest sporting a tight tube top with fun-fitting denim cargo pants at the local hangout. 

City Glam seems oh-so-appropriate for the girlies living in the big cities. This reinvented city girl is an expert at mixing high and low. Build your look around a statement piece, per Mona’s recommendation. It’s time to repurpose all the metallic accessories you wore this summer for fall. Queens like Molly Carter from “Insecure” comes to mind.

Then there’s Top Boss, which proves ‘corporate-core’ is a trend you must give a whirl this fall. “Dressing up a power suit is all about the right shoe and the perfect opportunity to play with pops of red,” Stitch Fix says. Not to mention, you would make Oliva Pope oh-so-proud.

Because I love prints, colors, and textures, my heart also loves the Maximalista. Stitch Fix’s 2023 trend report shows that one in four stylists rank maximalism as their top trend this year. I instantly think of the power of Tracee Ellis Ross.

If you’re looking for a way to revamp your style this fall, try the Main Character Closets


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