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exterior of front of the 13th judicial circuit court in downtown tampa, florida

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Ronnie Oneal is facing two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder for crimes that happened in Riverview in March of 2018. Ronnie Oneal allegedly killed his girlfriend, 33-year-old Kenyatta Barron, and daughter, 9-year-old Ron’Niveya Oneal who was autistic and had Cerebral Palsy then stabbed his 8-year-old namesake before setting him on fire.  Thank God his son survived, living to tell authorities that he watched what his father did to his family.

The story of Ronnie Oneal’s alleged horrific crimes made news in Tampa, FL, but the story has gone viral 3 years later because of Ronnie Oneal’s actions in the courtroom as he represented himself in his double murder trial in which he is facing the death penalty.


There is the old adage in criminal trials that goes: a person who represents himself at trial has a fool for a client.

Ronnie Oneal addressed jurors with his opening statements by aggressively yelling at jurors.  Ronnie Oneal proceeded to tell jurors the entire case against him has been fabricated.

“Law enforcement tampered with evidence to meet their such high burden of proof !!”

Ronnie Oneal also claimed that his rights to a speedy trial have been violated and that the state attorney’s office violated rules of discovery that have not allowed him to adequately prepare his defense.

Ronnie Oneal who is claiming self-defense dropped his attorneys because they said that the “stand your ground” defense did not apply to his case.

Take a look at Ronnie Oneal’s opening statements that have gone viral in his double murder trial below.

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