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Wild Celeb Rumors Revealed


Every year, the crazy people over at Crazy Days and Nights set forth blind items into the world without ever confirming our suspicions who they are…until now. The popular gossip site released the names behind some of their biggest rumors and we’re sure you guessed it, Rihanna‘s name came up multiple times. However, one particular rumor is more disturbing than the others.

According to Crazy Days and Nights,

A few years ago now, this A list celebrity.singer was at a party with this B- list celebrity/reality star who is married to a B list mostly television actor. Got the players? Good. Speaking of players, our A lister confessed that she had always wanted to be a hooker for a night or two just to see what it was like. Everyone thought she said it as a joke, but apparently she was serious and the B list actor decided to set things up for the A lister and one night almost four years ago now, our singer became a hooker. This was not some escort thing where she went high class. This was low brow, street walking at its finest with a wig and an outfit that would blow you away. She charged street prices and acted just like any other woman on the stroll that night. The only difference was that she was watched over to make sure nothing happened to her and that she would not get busted by the police. There were always three or four people watching her. She worked from about 8pm to 6 the next morning and made a few hundred bucks which she gave to other women on the street. No one recognized her and she said it made her a better person. Not sure how. Oh, and this will be revealed.

The other players? Ice T and CoCo. We’re taking these rumors with a grain of salt, sounds pretty ridiculous… indulge if you dare. Read more blind items revealed, here.

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