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The 70th Annual Tony Awards as seen on CBS

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The hit Broadway play, ‘Hamilton’ might not look the same if the Supreme Court sides with a recent Ninth Circuit ruling. ‘Hamilton’ cast all minorities as the main characters of the founding fathers of the United States. There are or have been some non-minority actors in the chorus or background, but the main speaking parts are all minorities but that might change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, white actors could sue Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece with viable discrimination suits. This all started because of Charter Communications is trying to fight a discrimination suit because they are refusing to carry any of the networks owned by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Network. Charter Communications is one of the largest cable operators in the US. In their $10 billion case, they claim that they a First Amendment right to incorporate racial considerations in the characteristics it assesses when deciding what type of programming to carry.

Because of this lawsuit, white actors can use this to sue the Broadway show because the show only cast African-Americans as George Washington and other Founding Fathers. So far no one has filed a lawsuit, but if the Supreme Court holds up the ruling, things could change quickly. I’m sure Miranda is watching closely.

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