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A five-year-old North Carolina boy is in critical condition after shooting himself in the face with his father’s gun. The boy, Jayden Brower, was in the back of his mother’s SUV when the mother pulled into the drive-thru at a Wendy’s restaurant in Randleman. The child unbuckled himself and grabbed a pouch containing his father’s gun located in a pocket behind the front passenger’s seat.

His father,  Randy Christopher Brower, has been charged with failure to store a firearm to protect a minor, and negligent child abuse causing bodily injury.

“I usually keep it right here on the driver’s side. So when I was vacuuming I didn’t want anybody to pull up, other people were pulling up so I just grabbed the gun,” Brower said, explaining when he put the gun in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat.

“When my kids are in the car, it’s not even reachable. I was in the car by myself when I was vacuuming so I felt comfortable putting it right there,” he said.




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