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Tori Kelly

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Your music career never seemed stagnant, you’ve always kept going and growing, what is your inspiration?

Tori Kelly: ” You know what ? For me, it goes all the way back to , when I was like a little kid, and (um) music was just a big part of my life. It was like God and music were those big staples in my life ,growing up. (And) So I just remember thinking, at some point , as like a teen, it was just. I have to do something within music. It wasn’t like, I need to be famous or I need to chase this certain goal or anything.

Even if this whole artist thing doesn’t work out, I have to do something within music so I think thats the main thing, thats really kept me going. Just a pure love for music and just being around it and I think that’s something that’s always been instilled in me and no matter what, I’ll be writing or doing something that involves music”

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How did the collaboration with Kirk Franklin on the single, “Never Alone”, come together?

Tori Kelly: ” Kirk and I , we met up. So he actually wrote half of the album, four of the eight songs. He already had those written when I showed up to Dallas. And I was like this is so cool, but I really want to write together.

The songs were absolutely amazing (um) but I asked him, we should write together and I found out (that he had) , he had never written with anyone, in his whole career. So here’s me , you know this little 25 year old coming in. You haven’t written with anyone?

So that was a huge honor to be the first person. He was so down, he was like, yea I would love to write with you. And we were both (um), I think a little bit, I don’t even want to say nervous but it was just this, we were unsure if it was going to mesh well.

(And um) So we just kind of started going back and forth with ideas and it was great. He really brought obviously his gospel side and then I kind of brought some of the pop elements that I’ve learned along the way, and yea it worked out great.”

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You’re so accomplished and your fan base has so many young girls that look up to you and admire you. What advice would you give them?

Tori Kelly: ” I mean first of all it’s something that I’m even, kind of stepping into on accident. It’s not ever something that I thought like, oh I want to be (you know) like this role model. Like, I think you hope to be that, but it’s (it’s) crazy even for me to look out and see these young girls , you know these people in general (to me) just looking up to me.  It’s like, oh man (I’m just) I’m just a human trying to learn just like you.

All I can do is speak from experience and I guess when I see like these , (especially)  like these really ,really, young young kids; I see myself in them. And the biggest thing that I’d always say; something that I’ve struggled with, is just not comparing yourself to other people.

(And um) So, it’s way easier said than done I think. Like (yea), just be yourself (all that stuff), but I think (it can be), it can be really hard to just (you know) really believe that (um) that you can do it and that you’re good enough, and you don’t have to copy what other people are doing or (um, you know or just).

You don’t have to compare yourself with other people, but (that’s) I think the biggest thing because when I was super young, I used to feel like I had to become something else for people to accept me. (It’s just) I’m still learning too. So anyone that looks up to me I would say don’t look up to me too hard , because we’re all in this together too”.




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