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Siberian Tigers Playing with Mother

Source: Bettmann / Getty

CBS News posed the World Wildlife Fund updated endangered species list. The list of critically endangered species hasn’t changed much but it’s gotten worse for several animals. These beloved animals are at risk mainly because of humans. We’ve destroyed their habitats, poaching and downright cruelty. Check out the top 29 animals that the next generation might only be able to read about unless we do a better job of protecting them.

  1. Black rhino
  2. Yangtze finless porpoise
  3. Mountain gorillas
  4. South China tiger
  5. Northern white rhino
  6. Amur leopard
  7. Giraffes
  8. Sumatran orangutan
  9. Sumatran elephant
  10. Cross river gorilla
  11. Western lowland gorilla
  12. Pangolin
  13. Snow leopard
  14. Sperm whale
  15. African wild dog
  16. Cheetah
  17. Leatherback turtle
  18. Sumatran tiger
  19. Bonobo
  20. Asian Tapir
  21. Hawksbill turtle
  22. Hawksbill turtle
  23. Saola
  24.  Vaquita
  25.  Addax
  26.  San Joaquin Kit Fox
  27. Point Arena Mountain Beaver
  28. Baluchistan bear
  29. Giant panda

Are you willing to help save the animals? Click here to find out how you can help.



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