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As the 2020 presidential election inches closer, there are several people who have what it takes to tackle Trump at the polls.

For Democrats, they are looking for someone with the fitness and fight to fend off another Republican presidency. But who are the people that want or would be able to really challenge Trump?

Here are five folks who have said they may become interested in that presidential glow up:

Deval Patrick

The former Massachusetts governor had pushed away from politics in 2015, but it looks like he may make a power play for the presidency soon.

“It’s [a presidential run] on my radar screen,” Patrick told KCUR, a public radio station in Kansas City, where he was traveling last week for his event, “An Evening with Deval Patrick: Reinvesting in America.” “I am trying to think through 2020, and that’s a decision I’m trying to think through from a personal and family point of view and also whether what I believe is going to be on offer by somebody. And if it’s on offer by somebody, then maybe what I can do is help that person. But we’ll see.”

Susan Rice

Rice, a former national security advisor for Barack Obama‘s administration, has made headlines since leaving her position. She helped to “unmask” senior Trump aides to find out why the prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York in 2017, CNN reported. Could she start a campaign that will cancel Trump’s re-election?

Eric Holder

Holder was one of former president Obama’s right hands in the White House as the attorney general. He is currently doing work with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee that is furthering preparing him for a presidential role.

“We’ll see,” Holder said to answer a reporter’s question about a possible presidential run during a  Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington last month, according to CNBC. “I think I’ll make a decision by the end of the year about whether there is another chapter in my government service.”

Stacey Abrams

Abrams is vying to become the first African American woman Governor in Georgia. But could she possibly win another first: first Black woman president in the United States?

If she wins governor, she would likely have to cut her term short to run for the presidency—if she opts to do so.

Cory Booker

The New Jersey Democratic senator has already made history as one of two African Americans to join the Senate Judiciary Committee since the 1990s. Could he make achieve another personal first by becoming president?

“He’s [Booker] brilliant and capable and articulate and strong,” U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-12th Dist, said, according to “Could that possibly have a positive impact on his consideration for the presidency? Absolutely. He’d be my candidate.”


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