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Y ou know you’re a disaster when people are calling you out — and it’s not even anonymous, which is the case for Ben Carson. Last month, he was accused in a lawsuit by Helen Foster of demoting her for not approving extravagant office renovations. Now, another other HUD official is coming forward, blasting the deeply unqualified secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Marcus Smallwood, the department’s director of records, wrote a vicious email to Carson and other top officials, according to multiple reports. Smallwood, who still works at HUD, shared the email with The Guardian, which read in part, “Helen Foster is not the only person at HUD that has been persecuted in this witch-hunt under your watch… She is the only person who has been brave enough to stand on principle and put her career, reputation, and livelihood on the line. The rest of us have operated in fear.”

Smallwood accused Carson of “smearing Foster as a liar by suggesting in a tweet that her allegation was unsubstantiated.” He also wrote  in the email, “A week has gone by and it is now very clear that Helen Foster was not lying about the furniture purchases.” As we all know, Carson and his team have been accused of spending nearly $200,00 in office renovations.  Smallwood is asking Carson to publicly apologize to Foster and noted “that all employees at HUD should feel free to follow the law, ask when they are unsure, and not fear retribution.”

For Carson, who always rants he is a Christian and has a picture of him and Christ in his house, this is not very Christ-like behavior. While everything is “alleged,” all the details that have come up have aligned with Helen Foster’s lawsuit — it was illegal to have office renovations costing more than $5,000. Moreover, according to Smallwood,  Carson is creating an environment. If HUD is run like a living hell, how will they be able to serve the millions of Americans who need their assistance — especially when the person running the department believes HUD is  harder than brain surgery?


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