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Black Panther Lexus Photo

Source: Marvel Studios / Lexus

Have you gotten your tickets yet to see Marvel’s Black Panther? Are you excited? Well, before you go see it there are few things you should know.

1) It Picks Up Where ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Left Off

If you’ve never seen ‘Captain America: Civil War’, rent it. It’s worth seeing the movie and it is gives you some background information that you won’t get in ‘Black Panther’. You’ll understand it if you don’t see ‘Civil War’ but it works better if you see it. Plus, you’ll get even more excited!

2)  Wakanda Is Full Of Black Excellence

Wakanda is full of black people doing what we know black people can do and are doing. T’Challa’s little sister, Shuri is a computer/inventor genius! The royal security is only black women that can take anyone down. AMAZING!

3) The Plot Is Deeper Than What The Trailers Show

All of the good parts aren’t in the trailers. Thank Goodness! There is so much that you don’t know when you walk in to the movie. You have to pay attention to everything so don’t go with some one who likes to talk during a movie.

4) ‘Black Panther’ Is More Than An Action Movie

‘Black Panther’ is way more than just an action movie or a politically movie. It have a very deep spiritual side that connects with the ancestors. Almost on a “The Lion King’ kinda vibe.

5) ‘Black Panther’ Will Return

The way that movie theaters are selling out in advance, Marvel is working on ‘Black Panther 2’. We will get to see Black Panther in the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ which hits theaters on May 4th. Original Marvel was making a movie about the Royal Guards but they canceled it. Now with the amazing reviews about ‘Black Panther’, maybe they re-think their decision and green light the movie!

BONUS: Don’t leave at the end of the movie. There are 2 bonus scenes. One right after the actors are named and the other one is at the Very Very end after credits. If you’ve seen ‘Captain America: Civil War’, you’ll be really excited.