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With the whole H&M “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” fiasco, we just have to wonder when will companies finally get a clue?

This is a question we have for the Italian beauty brand Wycon who thought it was a good idea to name one of the darkest colors in their gel line…”Thicka Than A N$gga.”

Yeah, they really tried it.

Of course folks snapped AWF!!!

According to Forbes, Wycon responded to backlash by replying in the comments section on Instagram with the following: “They’re made-up names that are a bit crazy.”

Crazy? Nah. Try racist.


They also issued another statement, which was a non-apology: “We’re sorry that this post has triggered these types of reactions: every color from our Gel On collection is inspired, with a cheerful attitude and a pinch of naivety, by famous song titles, many of which derive from the landscape of hip hop. For example ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ by Snoop Dogg, ‘Bootilicious’ (sic) by Beyoncé, ‘Candy Shop’ by 50 Cent, Lollipop, Lady Marmalade etc… The reference here is ‘Thick N***a’ (sic) by DBangz. Wycon is the brand for everybody #nobodyexcluded is our motto and we didn’t mean to offend anybody!”

Listen Wycon: We are not interested in your motto of #nobodyexcluded if that means the only way to relate to Black people is to use the n-word, especially when referring to the darkest color in your line. This is truly unacceptable and y’all really need to rethink your stance on this issue and this lame non-apology. Whether or not you meant to offend anyone, you did, and you should know a hell of a lot better. It’s 2018.


In the meantime, the company has removed the names from the polish on their website and replaced it with numbers. Sigh…


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