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Ford Announces New Electrification Project With Los Angeles Police Department

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Cary police confirmed that they are are investingating a complaint from a Cary mother who says her daughter was called a half breed by a police officer who pulled her over on Thursday.

According to the News & Observer, the police officer chose not to give the motorist a ticket for failing to signal. Marie Charette said in a Facebook post that:

“Once the police officer received her license and saw that she was multi-racial he proceeded to tell her she was a half-breed and God told him to witness to her. Continuing to tell her that her parents should repent of their sins for being married and that we should have never gotten married. She was a living product of our sin. He then told her he was not going to ticket her because his service for the Lord has been done.”

“She could barely get herself to the next destination. She had to pull over in a parking lot and just cry,” Charette wrote. “This is the second time she’s been attacked verbally for being multiracial. I am so saddened that these people live a life of not seeing the beauty in all that God has created. My daughter is an amazing most beautiful creation. I’m proud that she took his name and called the police department and reported his behavior.”



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