Drake’s Daddy Talks New Music & Seeing Talent In Drake


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When you think of Drake you think of his style, brand and most of all his music. But rarely ever do people think about his upbringing, specifically his famous daddy Dennis Graham. He has a new song out called Kinda Crazy which was featured in the Virginia Black commercial with his son Drake.

“We did that in a Beverly Hills. It was quite a production,” explained Graham.

Graham has been in the music business for a long time and other than his son Drake, he has family in the business like Larry Graham.

Tom had to ask if ever played music with his cousin. “No I never did, I had my own little band out in LA back in the 70’s,” he said. But they did hang out quite a bit.

Drake has become such an icon in the world of music, who you’ve got to wonder if his father ever saw that coming for him.

I mean like I used to dress him up to look like Lionel Richie back in the day,” laughed Graham. “When he was a little boy, he had something, I could look at him and tell he had something.”

“When he was 8 years old he said, ‘Dad I’m going to do more movies than you ever did and more music than you,’” explained Graham. They made a bet and in 2009 he had to pay his son after he passed him in music.”

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