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Source: JIM WATSON / Getty

May people believe that President Trump is obsessed with everything that former President Obama did in the White House. Here is another example of the obsession. In 2015, then President Obama by executive order renamed an Alaskan mountain which is the tallest mountain on the continent. For the last 100 years, the mountain was named Mt. McKinley after the 25th US President. McKinley was killed in 1901 and Alaska wasn’t a state when he was killed. He was from Ohio and had no connection to the state.

Before the name change, the mountain was called Denali, the Native Alaska name for the peak. When meeting with Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan in the Oval Office about issues affecting the state like oil drilling, the economy, and the military. President Trump asked if changing the name of the mountain would help in anyway. The senators said no, but Trump thought the name change was disrepectful and he wants to change it back.

The information in the March meeting has just come to light and no word on if President Trump is going to make an executive order to change the name from the original 10,000 year old name to the 100 year name just to get back at President Obama.

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