Inside Her Story: DACA & The Fear Of Getting Deported


DACA doesn’t just affect the Mexican community but it affects the African American community as well.

Tobore Oweh is a member of the Undocublack Network which is an organization that helps undocumented African, Afro-Latino and Caribbean people.

Oweh is from Lagos, Nigeria and came to the U.S. at the age of 7. She is now 27-years-old and cannot travel out of the U.S.

On America making undocumented citizens a Latino issue, Oweh says, “I just feel in general being black in America is a very silent voice. It’s definitely painted a picture of it being a Latino problem. It just goes with the narrative of this country to leave Black people in the dark.”

She continued, “The DACA program changed my life. It allowed me to live freely and be myself. It led me to opportunities to get a job under the program. It was the best thing that ever happened.”

However, a lot of people ask why not become legal? Oweh explains, “So it’s not as easy when you’re here undocumented. None of it is an easy process. There’s always the fear factor of getting deported.”

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