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Food Network’s Chef Jernard Wells also known as the Chef of Love, talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his new cookbook and healthy eating habits, just ahead of his cooking demonstration on the 2017 Fantastic Voyage presented by Ford.

“I gained so much weight just from my career, the livelihood of my family was depending on my health. I was 400 pounds and now I’m down 300 pounds,” Chef Well said.

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You can get Chef Love’s book, 88 Ways To Her Heart: Cooking For Lovers here.

The Chef answers your questions below:

Hi Chef… what is the best way to begin going vegan?  Any tips?

I always suggests going vegetarian before, Vegan the hardest thing to let go is dairy products. Start with replacing foods, Don’t, Deprive yourself it’s not a diet it’s a life still change, Stock up on easy options for mealtime

What spices can I add to my turkey burger to give it some flavor?

Some great spices to incorporate are Chef Jernard Lemon Pepper Ranch seasoning you can order at or Wholefood stores, also Weezina Girl All Purposes Seasoning, and Smoked Paprika

What are some quick and easy vegetarian dishes that I can prepare that are not microwaveable? I eat Boca BurgeBurgers and meatless chicken patties,but it get so boring eating the same thing all the time.

Blended Mushroom Burger are great! Vegan Black Bean & Tostada Stack, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

I have a question for the cook that was on the show this morning. Where ishis restaurant located? Or what is the address of his restaurant inAtlanta?

East Wave Asian Fusion 60 Luckie St, Atlanta, GA

I am Vegan, please ask the chef to school the crew on the different vegan cheeses, not all cheese is created equal, there are cheeses that melt and taste very good and there are those that don’t melt.

Green Goddess Gouda, Vegan Aged Camembert Cheese, Pistachio Crusted Crusted Cashew & Coconut Cheese

What is the best way to prepare eggplant to taste delicious?

Soak Eggplant in coconut milk then coat in Italian bread crumbs to enhance flavor.

Will you ask the vegan chef if there is an alternative for tofu (soy) &

eggs in recipes?

Banana’s & Flax Seed are great binders.

I am a 56 year old female set in my ways about eating. How do I start to eat healthier and lose weight?

Take baby steps, incorporate at least one healthy meal per day. Use every opportunity you have to move, any movement is great for weight loss.

How do I begin eating vegan?

To begin eating Vegan, remove all meat or meat by products and all dairy from your diet.

What is good resource to get Vegan Recipes that taste good? and

Chef, Would it be a good idea to go Vegan slowly? Maybe start off with every breakfast, the first week, then breakfast and lunch the second week? And soon so on?

Hello Krystal, going Vegan slowly will help you get accustom to a new lifestyle change. Suggestion I would try going full-fledged Vegan, for 7 days to get the full experience.

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