Welcome to COSIGN, where I’ll present a group of fresh and invigorating talent that does more than just add to the conversation of who’s next, they advance it! There’s something intangible they possess. It’s more than just hustle. This collective group simmer on the edge of fame and notoriety not only because of their skill and ambition, but because they did more than just wish on a star.

You don’t expect that voice to come from her. You just don’t!

There’s a growl and husk in Kat Dahlia’s vocals that’s so authentic, and has been missing from today’s musical landscape, it’s refreshing to hear hunger in an artist again.

The 23-year-old’s success, which seems to have come out of nowhere, is due large in part to her honest and vulnerable lyrics. Her single “Gangsta”, which has received nearly 4 million YouTube views, is an ode to all the fronters the Cuban-American singer-songwriter can see right through.

But don’t be fooled, ain’t sh*t made up about Dahlia’s bad girl persona. The Vested In Culture/ Epic Records recording artist is a certified G! Having survived heartache, homelessness and everything else that comes from loving the wrong man and trying to chase your dreams, Dahlia’s success is a long time coming and well deserved.

COSIGN chopped it with the singer-songwriter about how she handles the Amy Winehouse comparisons, her favorite kicks, when she discovered she could sing, and her love for blazing.

Peep the vid!

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