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There’s a group of people working this election season to make sure that the disenfranchised, senior citizens, minorities and Democratic voters don’t show up to the polls on November 6.  They are doing everything from requiring identification to vote to sharing false information to make it hard for you to exercise your right to vote.

The Election Protection coalition, a nonpartisan group, is doing everything to educate the public to make sure everyone’s vote is counted and to let you know YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE!

Here’s what they say everyone needs to know:

1. Verify your voter registration status and find your polling place before Election Day.  Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE if you have questions or problems.

2. Know your polling place hours.  Be sure to look up what time your polling location opens and closes before heading to the polls. A voter in line by the time the polling location closes HAS THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

3. Find out what options you have if you’ve moved after the close of registration and haven’t updated your registration.

4. Check what type of identification you must present if identification is required in your state and bring it with you to the polls.  If you do not have your voter notification card, or other identification with you on Election Day, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE by provisional ballot.

5. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE if you present yourself at the polls on Election Day and believe you are eligible and properly registered. You cannot be turned away from the polls. Even if there is some question about your registration, you must be permitted to cast a provisional ballot.

6. BEFORE CASTING A PROVISIONAL BALLOT, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to make sure it is cast properly and to verify you weren’t improperly offered a provisional ballot.

7. All polling locations should be wheelchair accessible and offer parking for persons with disabilities.

8. If you cannot read, write or speak English or you are blind or otherwise physically disabled, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO RECEIVE HELP WITH VOTING by a person of your choice except the judge of elections, the voter’s employer or an agent of the employer or an officer or agent of the voter’s union.

9. If you have been convicted of a felony and have completed your sentence of incarceration or parole or if you are on probation, CHECK YOUR STATE’S RESTORATION REQUIREMENTS. If your rights are restored you must re-register once your rights have been restored.

10. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE without anyone electioneering or trying to influence your vote in any other way within a certain distance of the entrance of your polling place, or polling room.

11. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO be excused from work to vote. Your employer must excuse you from work for up to 2 hours on Election Day if you do not have time to vote before or after work.

For detailed information or answers to questions regarding your right to vote, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or visit




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