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Monounsaturated Fats

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Are you familiar with ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray? You may have seen it in beauty supply stores or in the beauty aisle. Perhaps you use ORS products at home.

Here’s the thing: People not familiar with oil sheen and don’t know what oil sheen is for have apparently been confused by the words “olive oil” on the front of the can. They think it’s used for cocoking.



According to BuzzFeed, a young woman was visiting a friend in London and saw the can of oil sheen in the friend’s kitchen. She said she was confused as to why they even had the oil sheen because no one Black lived in the house. More importantly, why was it in the kitchen???

The friend told her that they had the can in the kitchen because it is olive oil. She explained that the oil sheen is for Black hair. He replied with:


Apparently, this is not the only example of being confused by the words “olive oil” on the front of the ORS oil sheen.


And then there was this:





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