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Black Men Revealed

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Each year we have an amazing time chatting with the Black Men Revealed panel. The conversation is rooted in truth and love. This year’s Black Men Revealed panel promises to be no different. Moderated by John Monds, the 2016 panel features Teddy Riley, Christian Keyes, Darrin Henson and Trinity Dawson.

Trinity Dawson

Trinity Dawson is a spiritually centered and socially conscious artist who aspires to encourage people through song, and to please God in the process. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trinity grew up in church, and comes from a family with a rich spiritual heritage of ministers, musicians and singers. Although born in Tulsa, Trinity spent his formative years in Detroit, where he built a strong spiritual foundation as he discovered God to be a provider, protector and source of purpose. Upon this foundation he dedicated his life to Christ, as his pursuit to discover and fulfill that plan began. Trinity’s quest for God’s purpose has taken him down different roads.  Initially he believed God was leading him to professional football, but a hip injury Trinity suffered junior year in college proved degenerative, and the doors to the NFL were shut. When the door to football closed, the door to a prominent business career opened.  It was during this period Trinity began to write songs, but did not consider it a pathway to purpose.  Trinity excelled in business, and continued to pursue the fulfillment of God’s purpose for his life.

His pursuit led to the creation of his current album.  After he and his wife experienced personal tragedy in 2012, Trinity sought answers and guidance from God in dealing with the pain in his heart.  God brought Trinity to the parable of the servants with the talents; it was then he realized that he had not fully surrendered his talents to the Lord. Again he sensed his pathway to purpose transitioning, this time into a realm he had often been insecure about; music. As Trinity surrendered his talents, God began to give him a level of creativity that he had never tapped into before; and songs began to pour from his soul, as he cried out to God. The result was more than the creation of original songs, but the musical expression of prayers recounting the commitment Trinity made to surrender to God. His most personal song, “Just Be With Me,” reflects Trinity’s posture of surrender as he recognized that he could not pursue his purpose without God being with him. Songs of thanksgiving and praise like “I’m Grateful” and “Simply Amazing” also poured forth through this experience. “Trinity has learned through the process that “purpose is not about what you do…purpose is about who you become.  Once you “become” you’ll naturally “do”.” Trinity is becoming who God called him to be; as a result he is now doing greater works than he ever dreamed.  Thus, the album titled, “With All I Am,” was birthed.

Trinity Dawson’s hope for his album is to encourage people as they continue their pursuit toward purpose. He believes “you will experience a level of fulfillment and joy that can only come from becoming who God created you to be.”  Ultimately, his prayer is that people will be able to say, like he does in his title track, “With all I am, with all that I have, with all that I do, may it please You.” The full album is slated for October 30, 2015 release.

Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes was born in Detroit, Mi.  He is a humble, hardworking and driven young man. An experienced actor and singer, he was labeled by Tyler Perry as “One of the most consistent male actors I’ve worked with”.  Christian has done more than 40 stage productions and more than 1,200 theatrical shows and has performed live in front of more than 4 million people while touring the country with several national stage plays.  From acting and singing opposite of Brian McKnight, Johnny Gill, Vivica Fox, Shirley Murdock, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings, Avant, David & Tamela Mann, Jennifer Holiday and more. Christian is a seasoned veteran and has great stage presence.


Darrin Henson

In 2016 Darrin Dewitt Henson can be seen in the feature film “Sons 2 the Grave.” In the film, Henson plays a detective  who is out to right a wrong that was done in the city he grew up in by finding a killer. He will also be featured in “Products of the American Ghetto,” a harding hitting period piece about the 80’s heavy drug ridden streets of Atlanta. In addition, Henson will play the rugged Mangus in “Chocolate City.” This film showcases music. The mood of the film is magical, and the exotic male dancers are simply delicious. Women will go wild as these toned, talented men make fantasies come true. Finally, you can catch him beside Denise Boutte in “Choir Director.” Henson grew to fame when playing Lem Van Adams on the hit Showtime series “Soul Food.” For five seasons Henson has given a compelling performance of a street hustler turned husband, father and businessman. Darrin Dewitt Henson can be seen in the Universal film “The Express” where he plays, the legendary, Jim Brown opposite Dennis Quaid. He had a lead role in “Stomp the Yard”, a film released through Sony Screen Gems Darrin is also the author of “the book “INTIMATE THOUGHTS ” & current his new book “AINT THAT THE TRUTH.”

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